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Best Ways to Earn Money Online Free


Don’t you think that this question is biased? there’s no ‘best’ way. No solution. World is grey. Your money earning ability is usually supported your skill, commitment, and outcome. you would like to seek out your flow. you would like to seek out what works the ‘best’ for you. Everyone has their own uniqueness and skill.

My friend who was curious about sketching ended up making tons of cash in animation. He takes remote projects and executes them.
One of my friend found voice overs to be an honest money-making skill. He got gigs online from different marketplaces.
Few others found digital marketing, graphics, coding to be their calling. They find their clients through referrals and online portals.
But wait, finding your skill, your calling aren’t enough as you continue to got to find what’s the optimum place and offering for your skill.

For eg: Digital Marketing has niches. LinkedIn Marketing for corporate and decent brand is high paying whereas for Indian market Facebook Marketing is dead thanks to multiple players offering services at a mud cheap price.

So as someone who is entering the market, you would like to seek out the optimum fit of your skill and market. Also, see the longer term scope. is that this field developing and space expanding? am i able to increase my earning within the coming years? Do I even have an unfair advantage?

As a fresh graduate, many folks are fall to the marketing gimmick of ‘Learning Data Science in 1 Month’, ‘MLM Scams’, ‘Learning Certified Digital Marketing in 1 Month’ for creating money. But are they reliable? No. you’ll find yourself getting a certificate. you’ll find yourself getting a gig but they could not be the simplest thanks to begin as they lack reliability, practicality and authenticity.

So first rule of the thumb is understand what to not do once you are eager to earn money.

Rule 1: don’t do that while you look for the simplest way

Stay away from click bait courses which promise you tons of cash. Life isn’t that straightforward. Avoid investing time in shady courses and MLM. (cause they highly unlikely 😀 )
Rule 2: Find credible people and authentic course who are making good money and work with them

Stay grounded actually. Understand you can’t master data science in 1 month. you can’t be a top paid growth hacker during a month. Find courses which are offered by genuine people. Check for his or her authenticity and credibility. Learn from them. Then work under their tutelage.
Rule 3: Find how are you able to can get clients and retain your old clients. future orientation is vital. Short term is unsustainable and unhealthy.

Once you’ve got mastered your skill, gained the technical skill and developed some maturity, orient yourself for the longer term. Find clients who have an yearly business. Keep working with them. Choose delayed gratification of relationship than instant gratification. you would like to make sure your client’s success as that ensures that they’re going to be your evangelist and clients for future.
Rule 4: Dominate a marketplace. Make yourself the simplest. Project yourself because the most authentic player within the niche. Be objective in your offering.

In my opinion, I suggest freelancers or new comers to undertake Fiverr or Expert Right. once you have less competition and good gigs, you’ll dominate that marketplace and obtain good number of clients. Again, you would like to be specific in choosing your projects as your indirect resource – time is invested.
Rule 5: Divide some time into learning and earning. Invest your money into earning.

Do not await learning. Markets expand fast and your skill could be irrelevant as time progresses. Allot some time into learning, unlearning and earning. Learn the upcoming tech and improve your knowledge stack. Unlearn the old outdated techniques replace them with the new. Keep earning and investing.
Now, as best is subjective, culturally changing and context dependent. Best way depends on the method of earning, currency factor, conversion of your time into money and outcome for the trouble. Find how does one want to grow your career and where you would like to grow. For India, I wouldn’t suggest digital marketing because it is overcrowded.

Let us see some facts for Indian Economy:

As per the stats mentioned by InvestIndia, India has become the fifth-largest economy within the world with a GDP of two.6 tn. The economy is seen to possess attracted investments and business within the sort of start-ups, ranking 17th within the world, ranking 30th within the global manufacturing, 44 in logistics performance, 58 in global innovation, 58 in global competitiveness, 77th within the way of simple doing business and lots of more. Employment rate last year has been 93.1%. And that’s an enormous number to be known for various available opportunities in India.

Considering the very fact that you simply might not have an interest during a full-time job, here are a couple of ideas for you to grab:

Freelancing Online:

You might find startups trying to find you. But as a freelancer, be practical while choosing your client as many startups mushroom quick and shutdown quickly.
This is one among the majorly growing sectors of the economy that possesses people quitting their traditional ladder-climbing careers. India is that the second-biggest economy making money via freelancing after the US. Different sectors of the economy like creative writing, marketing, designing and development, accounting and finance, etc., have significant scope to freelance. Another great industry you’ll freelance is via offering professional services like SMEs, tutors online, blogging, influencer marketing, etc.
Women are testing the water. Considering the statistics of the freelancing world, The FlexJobs freelance survey mentions that 73.78% of freelancers within the world economy are women. While 42% of the planet economy are full-time freelancers with freelancing being their primary pin money, 58% of them do freelancing as a supplement to their primary job income. And did you recognize, freelancers work far more than what people in regular jobs work for. on the average, a freelancer gives a minimum of 41 hours hebdomadally to their work dedicatedly. While 45% of individuals prefer to freelance over full-time jobs, 24% of them prefer a mixture of them. While 84.5% work from home, 4.5% work on-site, 2.7% at the co-working spaces and 1.3% at their local coffee shops. If you’re a freelancer who wants to figure remote, you’ll ping me. i will be able to be happy to assist.
Build Your Online Brand:

Branding is vital, more important is quality work. If you’ll convince people to pay you for what you are doing. you’ll build an honest space. This works everywhere but the worth for time is culturally defined.

For India:

As per the statistics mentioned on India Times, 1200 start-ups came up within the economy in 2018, taking the entire number to 7200. Here is how you begin – grow as a freelancer, build your online brand, connect with vetted startup groups on Facebook and Whatsapp then network.

Remote Startups – Skill as a Service?

Developed as a freelancer? Have funds to hire? Sell your skill online as a service ie – design as a service, growth as a service, technology as a service.

Here are a couple of basic steps you’ll set about when forming a start-up.

Find a challenge within the economy that you simply believe features a good demand within the market. In other words, consider an answer to the matter persisting within the modern-day life. Yes, that might be your business idea.
Get your business registered and form an internet site. you’ll hire an internet developer and designer to try to to an equivalent.
Get all the supplies or the resource you would like.
Once you’ve got the resources and equipment ready, start building the answer.
Finally, start promoting your products or services within the market via your website, social media and digital marketing techniques.
Look forward to what the purchasers find concerns in your services and next step to grow your start-up is to figure on these downfalls.
And you’re ready to stay growing and sustain your business.
Exploring and learning is that the key. you’d want to read the blogs written out there on entrepreneurship or magazines and news covering the start-ups. you’ll also consider visiting entrepreneurial events that offer you an honest idea about the way to set about it. But most vital of all, ensure you’ve got a basic concept you would like to require forward, amend and form into a start-up! So good luck!


If you are doing not wish to be inclined to a specific job at a corporation, why not search for contracts at various companies. Serving various corporate briefly term contracts is one good way not just to form money but also enhance your skills via the experiences you gain from everywhere. Right from fresh graduates to experienced and professional experts, there persists a huge demand for the workforce on a contractual basis.

You could simply upload your resume on the potent websites that you simply believe will need you as knowledgeable. Knowing the industry and therefore the business, it’s an excellent thanks to connect via sharing your portfolio on different platforms.

Look out for what you’re keen on to try to to and obtain along to finding alternative ways to implement it by serving others and making money. Be it employment, a freelancing career or a contractual hire, no learning and no experience goes waste ever!

Most importantly, don’t hand over, keep pushing, keep stretching until you hit the milestone. Life is brief, do your best.


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