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Get Thousand of Free Followers on Instagram With These Simple Tips 2020


The number of followers on your Instagram account remains pitiful. You don’t even remember the last time your follower count went up.

At this rate, you’re getting to hand over .

Here’s the thing:

The best secrets on the way to grow your Instagram following isn’t found in any of these generic blog posts ranking on Google.

Instead, like what Tim Ferriss said in 4 Hour Chef, you’ve got to travel to the experts.

You have to seek out the people that are great at what they are doing , and either pay them or interview them to extract their secrets.

And that’s what I’ve done.

I managed to succeed in bent several Instagram marketing experts, and got them to answer this one question:

“If you were to grow a fresh Instagram account from zero followers to 10,000 followers in under 30 days, how would you are doing it?”

It turns out:

Asking the proper questions can uncover plenty of interesting tactics and methods on the way to grow your following.

Here are their answers.

#1. Zach Benson of Assistagram

1. Powerliking method

What are powerlikes and why does it work?

Powerlikes are likes/comments from a network of huge accounts (100k+ accounts are considered large) as soon as your post goes live. The intent is to play into Instagram’s algorithm where a post’s first ten minutes are most vital for gaining traction and determining how it’ll neutralize reaching beyond your current following.

It works two-fold: By flooding traffic from the massive accounts over to yours from the ‘Following’ tab, also as triggering the algorithm to recognise that enormous accounts are enjoying that piece of content.

This will not only increase the post’s reach to more of your current followers but increases its chances significantly in hitting the Explore page, where you’re reaching beyond your current audience and grow organically and quickly.

2. Telegram groups/rounds

Telegram may be a messenger app that has become solely used for Instagram engagement groups. It’s hugely popular as you’ll code bots that take over the whole process for you, making everything automatic.

3. Direct message groups (free method)

Create a DM engagement group of 15 people with similar accounts, niche and a top quality audience— during thisstrategy, multiple Instagram accounts help one another grow organically by mutually liking & commenting on their content. The larger the accounts participating, the simpler it’s you’ll got to be in 50-100 groups and participate constantly throughout the day, each and everyday.

Better to rent a VA to try to to this.

4. Shoutouts/giveaways/contests

Network with other big Instagram accounts in your niche and check out and found out a giveaway contest with them. this is often an excellent thanks to grow your following fast. By collaborating with a 3 million follower account and 300k + account, you’ll get older to 2,500 -3,000 + in but every week for instance , maybe you’ve got a hotel page and need more travel followers, you’ll create a 2 night all inclusive stay in your best suite for two , full-board. To be entered into the competition you’ve got to follow these accounts (the two large travel accounts and yours) and therefore the more friends you tag, the upper chances of you winning. The found out price of those contests vary in price and will cost you anywhere from $500 to a few thousand dollars. It just depends on who you recognize , like how big your network is and what you’ll offer these huge accounts reciprocally to make interdependent account .

5. Post viral content

Open up your Instagram app, check out whats on your Explore page tab. All viral videos and pictures with thousands and thousands of views and likes. Most of this content is what we call viral content, unique and original and “way out there”. The more open you’re to posting viral content the upper chances you’ll have of going viral on instagram while using the above methods.

6. Be consistent

To be good at anything, you want to roll in the hay every single day. for instance , you aren’t getting to be an awesome sports player if you simply play 1-2x every week you’ve got to practice each and each day. Same with social media, you’ve got to be consistent and posting each and each day, answer comments, direct messages, like and discuss your target market, do marketing research , research and rotate hashtags daily, participate in engagement groups, use Instagram lives, stories, etc and make original epic content. Easily 3-4 hours each day . If you don’t have time to try to to this, outsource it. Build your brand. Your name is your most vital asset. Reputation is what other’s think you’re . Character is what you’re . Grow your following, provide great value for your fans, teach, inspire, give, give, GIVE and watch your circle of influence grow, network expand, and more opportunities will come your way. you’ll find that it’s tons easier to barter anything, seal deals, just about do anything once you grow your following and brand. you’re the brand. you’re the commodity. consider Instagram as your new name card, so once you are out and about and you meet someone, exchange biz cards on the other hand say hey let’s stay in-tuned via Instagram, pull up your account on their phone then they’re like WOW you’ve got 100k followers. you’re legit! Definitely peaks their interest more and helps you stand out from everyone else they met that night.

#2. Nathan Chan of Foundr Magazine

I would research the market I’m looking to serve, then create great looking content and post 3x each day .

Then i might find other Instagram pages that serve this target market and obtain them to share my content the maximum amount as possible from either paying, or understanding reciprocal deals using my very own accounts as leverage.

Then i might find other big accounts that serve this niche and convince them to love and discuss my posts.

Then i might run a minimum of 2 competitions/giveaways to urge people to love and follow us – i might divulgesomething that of super high value that might attract my audience / niche – (that way we’re building a following of buyers too around this market).

#3. Alex Tooby

Here’s my approach: if you would like your account to require off quickly you would like to make a sense of authority – like you’ve been doing this for ages and have perfected every inch of your Instagram strategy. to try to to that you simply got to laser specialise in what your account is all about. It shouldn’t be “food, fitness, healthy lifestyle, travel, etc” it should be only one of these thing.

Niche down as far as you’ll then curate images that fall under a really specific theme.

Aesthetics are everything.. are your images white and bright? dark and moody? are all of them desaturated apart from the pinks and greens? find out what your aesthetic “style” is and stick with it like glue.

Upload a spread of photos to populate your feed, then post a minimum of once per day moving forward. Select hashtags that aren’t overlarge (limit yourself to five tags that have over 1million posts related to them) and write engaging captions that evoke a sense , educate, or provide some kind of value to your audience.

Then.. the foremost time consuming part. Put yourself out there and begin engaging together with your target market. Like, comment and follow the maximum amount as you’ll (without getting blocked by IG) within the most authentic way possible. Make real comments, start true conversations, show your audience that you’re a true one that cares and is present behind the account. you’ll easily spend upwards of 1 hour each day doing this.

On top of this you’ll add SFS with complimentary accounts, run a giveaway, add relative content to your Instagram stories daily and continue IG live often to answer your audiences questions.

Bottom line is – Be present! Show up, be authentic and supply value.

#4. Ali Mirza of iSocialYou

I would piggyback on the enormous . Let me explain…

You are just starting out and haven’t any audience. Right?

But there are numerous people in your niche who are 10 steps before you (with huge audiences).

So reach bent them and ask them to feature you.

Yes, you’ll need to pay a touch bit but it’s totally worthwhile .

If you choose the proper influencers, their followers is your audience also.

So don’t hesitate to spend some money.

Let’s create a step by step process so we will easily follow

1 — Find 10–20 Instagram influencers in your niche

2 — you’ll search on Instagram or use 3rd party tools (e.g. RightRelevant, Kear, Ninja Outreach)

3 — Find the contact info of the owners. Note: If their contact info is public on their account, this suggests they open for business)

4 — Reach out and determine what proportion their charge for a “shout out” or “feature post”

5 — i might pick 10 and have them feature my fresh account. Then pick the simplest 3 to 4 best performing influencers and roll in the hay again.

“You either build the audience from scratch or attend someone who already has the audience you would like .”

#5. Leon Benjamin of TripleYourTribe

The main steps are

1. Who I’m looking to draw in 

2. My content + hashtags

3. Get easy quick followers

4. Shout campaign

5. Giveaway campaign

6. Engage with existing fans daily

First determine who’s my account for. And believe who else is serving them immediately . What other instagram accounts are currently BIG that have them. I’d make an inventory of a minimum of 30 of them who have over 40k followers and a reasonably active comment section where discussions arise.

Next, I’d determine what sort of content those accounts put out thats interesting for them to interact with. Make a minimum of 30 posts that are almost like those sorts of post and add a twist to them with my brand. the remainderare often posts with quotes associated with the market.

Also from the previous listed accounts, scrape a number of the hashtags that are within the medium range 20k-200k posts. and a few within the more popular range +500k. From there I’d look a touch deeper to seek out more related tags through suggestions.

From there, I schedule the posts with Later to travel out once per day. And another post uploaded manually. While rotating 60 hashtags across 2 posts per day. (that’s 30 tags per post. NOT 60 tags per post – which may get you into trouble!)

Next, I’d ask my current network of friends, or fam to follow my new account. only for the sake of growing momentum and a few social proof.

Now for the giveaway campaign. I’d create a document useful either from my knowledge or from interviewing influencers within the market or get an existing product useful (maybe around +100$) that that audience will want. Something thats associated with the market. And offer it for free of charge during a giveaway. they might need tofollow and tag in someone to enter for an opportunity to win. The winner would be announced on the Judgment Dayof the 30 days. All participants receive a part of the document or online product also as a bonus.


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